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The I.D. VIZZION introduced itself to us the other day by saying hello with a hologram.

Now, VW is helping us get a little more familiar with the coming concept with another pair of images and a video designed to get us excited about the future.

A new shot of the vehicle from above (above) reveals just enough to let us know that this vehicle will have four seats, all facing the same direction. It also suggests that the source of the hologram, a little circle where the cup holder would normally go, will have a partner in the second row.

Meanwhile, another photo of a lady in a floating chair reveals that the autonomous cars of the future, though infallible, will still have seatbelts.

Said floating-chair-lady is also holding what looks like an espresso cup made of real china. This suggests that I.D. VIZZION will replace the steering wheel with some brand of cabinetry and maybe even a coffee maker. Jamie Oliver’s vision of the automobile comes closer to reality every day.

The circle surrounding her also vaguely resembles the circle surrounding the “Hello” from the previous teaser, which no doubt is deliberate and symbolic.

Finally, VW released a video all about autonomy that previews its short and long-term plans.

Looking deep into their crystal ball, VW seems to think that by 2050, the autonomous car will have taken over from the… humanomous car.

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