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VW to test agency model for ID series

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I was going through a google rabbit hold on the ID lineup and I found this article from Australia. (

It talks about the new "agency" model that VW is doing to sell the ID.3 and the rest of the ID series with digital and omni-channel media.


The first car in Volkswagen’s new ‘ID’ family of electric vehicles, the ID.3 hatchback, will debut in Europe this year with an agency sales model involving digital and omni-channel media.

However, there are no moves to follow a similar path in Australia for the ID series, which could be on sale here by 2022.

Volkswagen AG member of the board of management for marketing and aftersales, Juergen Stackmann, said in a statement that the growth rate of electric mobility was “significant”.

“In 2019, there were more than 63,000 electric vehicles newly registered in Germany, which is almost twice as many as the year before,” he said.

“BEVs (battery electric vehicles), however, still have a high growth potential with a current share of new registrations at approximately 1.75 per cent.

“We expect a significant change in the automotive market in the next five to 10 years and believe that electric mobility will establish itself as a sustainable option.

“We are all convinced that BEVs are the next important building block on the way to zero-emission mobility.”

Mr Stackmann said customer requirements were also changing and they now expect a cross-channel experience that is not bound to opening times, but rather tailored to their individual situations.

“We want to approach this transformation together with the dealerships – only then will we be able to take the customer experience to the next level,” he said.

Volkswagen said that together with its dealership network, it has agreed on a legal and economic framework to market the ID family in an agency model.

“This plays a decisive role in omni-channel sales readiness and offers the possibility of a comprehensive online business for the first time,” Mr Stackmann said.

He said Volkswagen is the contractual partner and invoice issuer for customers.

“Dealerships function as agents and still play a central role in the sales process,” he said.

Volkswagen Agency Model

“They are the first port of call for customers, providing the sales consultations and in most cases being responsible for delivery too.

“Fixed retail locations will therefore continue to be an important and integrated part of the Volkswagen sales system.

“Connecting the agency model with online sales offers us the opportunity to provide a seamless customer experience.

“The purchasing process of the future, with the establishment of the online channel, is one where the customer can seamlessly jump between online and offline channels.

“The agent will participate in both online and offline business in the future.”

While VW begins rolling out its agency model in Europe this year, Volkswagen Group Australia (VGA) said the selling process was not on the cards for this market.

VGA director of customer experience and marketing, Jason Bradshsaw, told GoAutoNews Premium: “Volkswagen Australia remains committed to its dealer partners in delivering the best possible customer experience.”

Meanwhile, up to three brands in Australia are seriously considering an agency model for its sales.
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