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Volkswagen revealed that although a plug-in hybrid variant of the Tiguan will be produced in Europe, it will not be sold in North America. The reasoning, according to Hein Schafer Sr VP, Product Marketing & Strategy for Volkswagen USA, is that VW's Mexican plant does not currently have the ability to produce plug-in hybrid cars. The price of a PHEV Tiguan would also make it uncompetitive in the US market--especially with the ID.4 on its way.
That's not to say that the Tiguan will never gain a PHEV variant.
"It [a plug-in hybrid] may make sense, yes," Schafer told VW Vortex. "We are looking at, particularly for the successor [to this Tiguan], an electrified variant."
Whether such a vehicle will make it to dealerships in the US remains to be seen but for now, at least, there is hope.
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