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Volkswagen’s plant in Emden, Germany, is set to start building all-electric ID vehicles by 2022, starting with the ID.4 crossover.

The plant, which currently makes the Passat, Arteon, and Arteon Shooting Brake, will continue to build its internal combustion cars but VW says that it will only continue to do so “for a transitional period of several years.” The assumption is that when the sedans enter their next generation, they will move to Slovakia.

The ID.4, meanwhile, will be just the first in a series of electric vehicles produced at the Emden plant. It is expected to have a production capacity of 300,000 EVs per year when its transition is complete.

The updated plant will also have a bi-color paint hall. The goal of the hall will be to paint two-tone paint jobs since black and white roofs have become a calling card for the ID range.

“All in all, the company will invest about €1 billion in the transformation of the factory,” said Ralf Brandstätter, CEO of the Volkswagen brand. “Emden will be developed into a cornerstone of our electric strategy.”

Clearly, Volkswagen has a lot of faith in the ID.4 since it is also building a new factory in Chattanooga to build it and other EVs. The crossover will be the first ID series vehicles offered in the US. Volkswagen is hinging its future on the success of these EVs and has invested billions in the new platform, which it expects will underpin millions of vehicles and dozens of models.
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