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What Could a Volkswagen Type 7 Be?
Volkswagen has filed a trademark application for ‘Type 7’ with the European Intellectual Property Office, potentially signaling the arrival of a concept or production car of the same name.

VW fans will already know that some early VW models were referred to as ‘Type’ followed by a number. The Beetle was the Type 1 and the Kombi was the Type 2, while the Type 3 was a compact and the Type 4 was a wagon. Ah, simpler times.

The automaker may be set to revive the ‘Type’ naming scheme if the trademark application is any indication, if only on a concept vehicle or limited edition.

In addition to filing this trademark under a classification for automobiles, VW also filed under two others related to product merchandising.
It’s hard to say what the Type 7 could be (that’s if it’s anything at all), but knowing VW, an electric concept car doesn’t seem like such a bad guess. The automaker recently teased an electric ID beach buggy concept, so perhaps the Type 7 name is for that mystery model.

Type 7 does sound like it would be pretty neat, though, don’t you think?

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