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I’m in the US and have ordered an AWD ID.4. It’s similar to the European ID.4 GTX

Today my wife and I went for a day trip in north Georgia mountains, and in 9 hours (with multiple stops, scenic walks, dinner, etc.), our round-trip mileage was about 230 miles. We drove an ICEV SUV, so there was no issue. We didn’t even have to refill the gas tank. We got home with about 130 mile of range left in the tank. But, if we needed to refuel, there were multiple opportunities to do it everywhere.

This kind of trip would be a great opportunity to take our future AWD ID.4 on, but as the miles were accumulating, I realized that we were bumping against the ceiling on the ID.4 range. In the mountains, there aren’t many opportunities to charge an EV. I did occasionally look up chargers, and in larger towns, there were a few Electrify America and EVGO chargers available, but I’m not sure what charging speed they were. I suspect they were probably slow chargers. Additionally, there is no telling how many of them could be broken. Getting stuck in an EV due to a broken charger and no cell phone coverage would not be good.

Today we cut our trip short because we needed to pick up our child from a day-long birthday party by 6:00 PM. However, if he were with us, we would have stayed in the mountains longer and would have accumulated another 50-75 miles, which would still be okay with our ICEV, but would have taken us well beyond the advertised range of the ID.4.

It was today that I started thinking that having a 300-mile range in an EV vs a 250 mile range in fact makes a difference to us. With a 300-mile range EV, our day trip to the mountains would not be range-restricted. However, a 250-mile range would be a fun buster.

We are planning to keep our ICEV SUV for now, so will continue using it for long-distance trips. The ID.4 will be used in town and hopefully for day trips, but with the sub-250 mile range, the day trips may not be feasible for us in the ID.4.

What real-life ranges do you guys get in the GTX ID.4 when driving at 110 km/h (70 mph) or below?

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I did occasionally look up chargers, and in larger towns, there were a few Electrify America and EVGO chargers available, but I’m not sure what charging speed they were. I suspect they were probably slow chargers.
Check the EA app or Plug share for charging speeds but they are probably fast DC chargers that can charge you to 80% while you are having lunch. I am sure you will be fine.

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Several issues that may help you.

1. You may get some regen charging benefit going downhill while mountain driving. This effect could possibly extend your range.
2. Any EA charging stations you encounter will be level II so you would be able to fully recharge during a short break.
3. You could access Tesla charging stations in your area as well.
4. Campgrounds or other businesses might be viable options for outside the box, remote charging options. (You would need a portable EVSE).
5. It looks like Georgia is being proactive in looking to build out charging infrastructure (this is great for you. Our state is severely lagging in this regard).

Good luck!

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Next year there will be BMW SUV coming with 115 kWh battery that would make your lifestyle easier.....but be ready to pay 2.5 times more than ID4.
It will have very efficient induction motors 93% and fifth generation motors on the rear.
And you have to understand that all German made EV show underestimated figures if looking at EPA....and it will easily reach EPA or exceed this don't be mistaken with numbers that Tesla advertising and quite impossible to hit this figures....driving relaxed speeds like 65 mph and using all comfort features.
Just look for real world miles on Tesla Y or Model S ....they all under deliver EPA figures.
I had Tesla S and Y for more than one day observations and tried all scenarios while trying to hit Tesla EPA numbers on highway doing 65 mph and could not succeed in any try i did.
Once you become experienced EV user you will find ID4 quite capable road warrior long trips EV.
Going from 0-60 quickly is not going to help on long trips....even it is good but not necessary 99% of time.
Another thing you have to understand from engineering standpoint.....if EV is designed to have very powerful propulsion units to propel EV it will suffer on efficiency side driving interstate speeds..... you can research and try to understand difference between induction and permanent motors and how they change efficiency motor mapping when they are operating at different rpm ranges.
And at early stages of EV market you will have to pay quite more for EV that have 100+ Kwh on board.
Once EV market mature and offer affordable EV with ranges 400+ miles at 100% SOC then it will be easy for anyone style to have EV.
I personally feel happy to live in EV development revolution...and i personally would not ever look back at ICE again.
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