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Refilled windshield fluid reservoir. Battery terminals tight and shiny. Brake and coolant reservoirs on the mark.
I'm thinking checking those at an EA pedestal would look kinda silly or cool 馃槑, your pick 馃槈.
Definitely a must do before a long trip. Tire pressure check too.

What I keep in my lower trunk: towels, jack, folding tire iron, air pump, tire plug repair kit, lug bolt alignment pin, gloves, first aid kit from my Jetta, tire chock from my '96 Crown Vic, US spec safety triangle, 12' of 3/8 poly rope... add yours to my list.
Finally, a 5# abc fire extinguisher in the upper boot 馃サ.

PS. New additions to my glove box-

Tire pressure today 40 psi. Tread depth new tire 10/32s, existing tires 7/32s at 6888 mi. and 3.4 mi/kWh.
I guess I'm just showing off now- drops 馃帳.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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