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And location and public transportation infrastructure. If I lived in a high rise in Manhattan, NYC probably not. LA maybe, but I've never lived in a very, downtown urban location.
Also who and how many would I be competing with for reservations? I'm probably not gonna' be that type of driver.
I've always considered an EV to be a commuter car. Long distances I'd fly, even today. Family vacation, like the great American Pilgrimage to Disney World, or Ocean City, MD, I'd use my wife's ICE Pacifica van.
Too many variables to pin down longish travel to a single, specific method.
I remember Spin planning a trip from Lon'gilan to FL in his FE. I believe he wisely bailed, takes a lot faith, adventurism and no anxiety, for a such a trip. In the winter, too...

Ah, to return to the summer of '21, with 3 yrs of free, uninterrupted EA charging, fewer EVs on the road, new EA stations, and summer time 125 kWhr charging rates 😉.
Those were the days, my friend,
We thought they'd never end...
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