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Seems to me there is already the equivalent of a subscription service already available. As mentioned above, the most sensible thing to do is live where you can use public transportation. Or, if you need a car but only use it a few times a month, then rent it. If you drive a lot but don't want to own the car, then lease it. What is the scenario where a subscription service would offer something better than those two options?

An interesting side discussion is the question of why people buy pickup trucks. Maybe you go to the lumber yard three times per summer to buy stuff that won't fit in a car. Maybe you drive to Montana for a vacation twice a year and have to take a lot of junk. So that is five times a year you need a pickup truck--and the entire rest of the time you could be driving around in a little sedan or sports car.

It's like the "I need 1000 miles of range in case I ever decide to drive to Alaska" mentality on EVs.
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